ITIP Ohio strongly believes in bringing together as many stakeholders as possible to improve students' learning with the implementation of 21st century skills. To help achieve this goal, a membership with ITIP Ohio is FREE!

1. Stay current within the always-changing world of educational technology.

Membership in ITIP Ohio provides you with issues of the ITIP Electronic Journal. Each issue is focused on a specific theme, such as mobile devices or online learning to keep you updated on the latest and greatest ways to integrate technology to improve education.

2. Learn.

ITIP Ohio members can take advantage of many professional development opportunities such as one of Ohio’s largest educational technology events, the annual Google in Education Conference. Enjoy great discounts on ISTE books too!

3. Make a Difference.

As Ohio’s only ISTE Affiliate, ITIP Ohio connects our members with the latest in ed tech from experts and peers to vital advocacy efforts and Special Interest Groups. ITIP supports our members by honoring an Outstanding Tech Using Administrator & Outstanding Tech Using Teacher each year.

4. Get Connected.

ITIP Ohio is in the know! Membership connects you with resources, programs and like-minded professionals throughout Ohio (and beyond) that are committed to transforming education through technology.

5. Membership is FREE! Sign up today!

For questions about a membership in ITIP Ohio, please email your questions to or call (614) 653-7296.