ITIP Ohio Teacher Grant

ITIP Teacher Technology Integration Grant Ideas

  Do you have exemplary and creative project ideas?

Here are a few examples of the type of classroom activities we are looking for.


    What do YOU think will help your students learn? Don’t limit yourself to these examples.


  • Students create an interactive book including pictures they take about careers in this subject area

  • Students use a 3-D printer to create an item to raise funds for school dance

  • Students develop a study guide of 3-D glasses / videos supporting content

  • Teachers share instructional support resources across subject areas

  • Teachers as a department share career readiness resources

  • Teachers collaborate providing online homework support

  • Teachers share an interactive ACT pre website

  • SAMR is one of several models which suggest ways to integrate technology



Ideas that probably would NOT be funded:

  (Note these are not all necessarily ‘bad ideas’ -  just things that will probably not work for this grant.)

  • Creating videos which use copyrighted (that is almost all) music

  • A project which uses ‘toilet humor’ in any way

  • Using scissors to cut out 3-D models of dinosaurs

  • Projects which may be fun but don’t help meet learning objectives

  • Using clay to make models of atoms

                     or other great teaching strategy ideas  but which don’t require technology

Not sure if your idea is good enough to win?  If it helps YOUR students learn, then SUBMIT IT !   

     Remember most ‘experts’ didn’t think an electric light bulb was possible - until Edison invented one.