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Grant Resources

In these challenging economic times, schools and teachers need all the help they can get in raising funds to purchase additional technology.  One possible funding source are grants.  ITIP Ohio will research a variety of sources for grants and post these opportunities on this site.  This page will be updated frequently, so check back often to see the latest grant opportunities.

Title:  Classroom Technology Grant Program
Eligibility: K-12 classrooms
Maximum Amount: Installation of an Extron Classroom A/V system
Description:  The Extron Classroom A/V System Grant Program provides increased visibility to K-12 educational technology projects by supplying selected pilot classrooms with advanced audio/video solutions. This grant program aims to boost students’ interest and achievement in the classroom, as well as help prepare them for the workplace. The goal of the pilot classroom is to demonstrate the ease-of-use and benefits of Extron classroom A/V technology to students, teachers and administrators.
Funding Organization:  Extron Corporation
Deadline: No Deadline

Title:  Digital Wish
Eligibility: K-12 teachers 
Maximum Amount: 43 Mobile Labs 
Description:  In the Digital Wish program teachers are asked to submit technology-based lesson plans, which focus on interesting ways to infused technology in the classroom. As many as the top 43 lesson plans will be awarded varying grants for hardware and software. Winners are chosen on the 28th day of every month.
Funding Organization:  Tool Factory/Olympus
Deadline:  Each Month

Title: Earn Money For Recycling Old Technology
Eligibility: Public and Private schools and universities 
Maximum Amount: Varies 
Description: The EcoPhones Drive is a cellular phone fund-raising and recycling program that pays organizations up to $100 for each used digital cell phone they turn in. No buying or selling is required to participate, just recycling. EcoPhones provides a free marketing kit to help launch community phone drives. Once you have collected a full box of cell phones, EcoPhones will pick them up for free. You can also collect old digital cameras, laptops, iPods, and ink jet cartridges.  Within 60 days you'll receive a check. 
Funding Organization:  EcoPhones
Deadline:  No Deadline 

Title: American Electric Power's Teacher Vision Grant
Maximum Amount: $500
Description: In the area of education, preference is given to grades pre-K through 12 in the fields of science, technology and math.
Deadline: none

Title: OMNOVA Solutions Foundation
Maximum Amount: not available
Description: Education is the OMNOVA Solutions Foundation's highest priority. Grants are provided to support: K thru 12 schools, to address specific improvements and opportunities in reading and economic literacy, and math and science; School-to-work readiness; Initiatives that encourage professional development for teachers; Parental involvement; and Adult literacy.
Deadline: none 

Title: NiSource Charitable Foundation
Maximum Amount: not available
Description: The Foundation seeks opportunities to provide funding and encourage volunteer support for non-profit organizations in the areas of: Community Vitality and Development; Environmental and Energy Sustainability; Learning and Science Education; and Public Safety and Human Services.
Deadline: 4/1 and 9/1

Title: Michelin North America Community Relations Program
Maximum Amount: not available
Description: The Community Relations Program is committed to supporting programs and activities that challenge students and teachers to be innovative in the areas of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM).
Deadline: none

Title: Martha Holden Jennings Foundation
Maximum Amount: $3,000
Description: The Grants-To-Educators program supports the foundation’s basic objective of recognizing and encouraging outstanding classroom or school programs for secular schools in Ohio.
Deadline: the 20th of each month, excluding July and December